how much does your life suck?

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ever wondered if your life sucks, then take this quiz. it might not be accurate! find out how to make your personal life better, or to fix your attitude. have fun!!!

does your life suck find out today! in just a few minutes. have fun please rate comment. i have ran out of things to say so i'm going to say some thing random! HI!!!

Created by: bec-Alle
  1. have your parents ever forgotten your birthday?
  2. have you ever embarass your self in front of your crush?
  3. are you bullied in school
  4. are your parents dead
  5. Are you the black sheep in your family?
  6. have you ever kissed a boy?
  7. do you have friends?
  8. are you happy with your life
  9. are you good in school (be honest!)
  10. so you are walking to school and rain starts to fall, there is no shelter nearby. what do you think
  11. when your with your friends do you feel like you don't belong
  12. are you the class joke?
  13. where do you live?
  14. are you in with the crowd
  15. this is the end, did you enjoy it?
  16. bye!!!!!:D

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Quiz topic: How much does my life suck?