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  • No money, no job, nobody outside of family really giving a damn, lower middle class parents and the future seems to be something I will have to claw my way through to even possibly raise children decently. Sounds like fun, doesn't it potato5?

    Your life may be stressful, but know pretty much everybody in the lower classes is going to have it very hard. Your life is very likely to pick up and get better, what do we have?

  • f--- potato5, you freakin entitled jerk. What? I went to a public school so I wasn't stressed? Hell no. I was lucky and went to a good public school that helped me get into community college (because I couldn't afford anything else). And yes, I know what a private school is like. They threatened to kick me out two weeks before graduating 8th grade because we couldn't afford the last tuition payment yet (they almost did too, if it weren't for someone else loaning us the money).

  • Money is always a good thing? Do you know what private school is like? It's living hell, man. I literally have health problems because I am so stressed out. You do NOT want to grow up wealthy. Middle class would be wonderful.

  • you should make it more obvious in your description if a quiz is geared toward teenagers. As a n adult, I couldn't even answer the questions because they did not pertain to me. Just a thought - you should put that in your description.

  • Your rich, popular, and probably famous. If you do recieve this answer, don't tell anyone, it will make them feel sucky and no one will like u. Be nice! That's the only satisfaction I will give u.

    Great quiz!!

  • I got "your life sucks", but in all honestly it's fine. I go to a public school and share a room. I have mental issues, but not from that. God, are people stupid.

  • My life sucks

  • Good life my parents do make over avrage but we not millionaires

  • I got man your life sucks! And yes it does.


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