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  • Your crush likes you about 93%.

    He/She might be tooooo crazy about you if your result is higher than 97%. You're in the perfect place to ask her out.

    I'm a girl, my crush is a guy. You forgot to put "/he" in the second sentence.

    Other than that good quiz.

  • This is a bit of a confidence boost, I guess. I got 76% so I rated 8 stars (80/100 to the nearest 10). Great quiz - I hope I can actually get the guts to ask her out...

  • are these quizzes accurate?

  • im too shy to ask him out but alot of my friend dont even know I have a crush on him.i wanna wait until they know...witch theyll never know unless i tell them.

  • I didn't get some quetions but over all good quiz


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