How much does your crush like you?

Are you wondering how much does your crush like you? Well take this short quiz to find out! If is just very short, and in a few minutes, you will find out!

Everybody will have a crush once in a while, but did you ever wonder how much does your crush like you? take this short quiz to find out! This is just a quiz, so don't feel down if you didn't like your result!

Created by: christykwok

  1. How long did you know your crush for?
  2. How long did you like him/her
  3. How did you meet him/her?
  4. Do your parents know each other
  5. Had you ever been to his/her house before?
  6. Does he/she know who you are
  7. Are your personalities similar
  8. Have you ever spoken to him/her before?
  9. If your crush sees you, what would they do?
  10. Do you guys talk much
  11. Does he/she smile at you
  12. How much older is he/she than you
  13. How much younger is he/she than you
  14. Had he/she shown any sign of affection?
  15. Had you ever went on holiday with him /her and his/her family? (like 2 families together)
  16. If he/she has any siblings, do they know you?
  17. Do his/her parents know you?
  18. Does your crush go to your school?

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Quiz topic: How much does my crush like you?