How Much Does He Really Like Me Quiz

There are a lot of other quizzes out there like this one except for this one I didn't make it have a certain answer to each question the results depend on the persons answers!

Are you really desperate to find out if your crush likes you? If so than take this quiz because it gives you real results not results that are set up! There's not that many questions so you'll find out if your crush likes you in no time! This quiz ir for GIRLS ONLY!

Created by: amethyst
  1. He is:
  2. Does your crush ever try to make u laugh?
  3. He says_____ to u when he first sees u?
  4. Does he ever blush around u?
  5. Does he ever smile at u?
  6. Has he ever shoved u or shot u with a rubber band?
  7. He is___and u r___?
  8. Does he ever smell good around u?
  9. Has he ever acted weird just to get your attention?
  10. Has he ever held your hand, leaned on u, or been violent with u in some way?

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