how much does he like you

this quiz is sooooooooooo accurate i am sure of it only if you press the trutheful answers it will make you heartbroken if you dont say the truth remember this is just a quiz.

this is a fun quiz but yet again truthefull so if you do not like the answer try again or just tap in random answers or try again but on a different guy and that will tell you who likes you

Created by: cara

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does this guy tease you
  2. does he touch you e.g try and hold hands with you or just brush his hand against you and say it was an accident
  3. does he flirt with you
  4. does he smile more when he is with you
  5. if you saw him out of school what do you think he would do
  6. do you like him(no affect on answer)
  7. have him friends ever hinted that he likes you
  8. does he blush or get embarrased if he is talking to you or people talikng about you to him
  9. do you think he likes you(no effect on the answer)
  10. bye

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