How many people actually like you?

How many people like you? Just cos your in the "popular crowd" doent mesn that other poeple outside your group liek you. Be as honest as teh answers given let you.

Just remember that I am only a human being and i am just some person who likes to make quizzes. dont worry if you dont get a good mark. just remember that if you try to be nice you are generally rewarded... but i DO know that it is NOT THAT EASY. (basically this test is a bit of fun and isnt necessarily 100% accurate!!

Created by: floss
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What sort of group are you in at school?
  2. How many close friends so you have (by close I mean how many would you tell big secrets to)?
  3. When you walk past, what do people do?
  4. Who are you nice to?
  5. Why did you take this test?
  6. hi! :)
  7. How would you describe yourself
  8. just so u remember, this might not be too accurate coz i dont know each and every one of u as people (i am only a person who likes making quizzes... i dont want to hurt anyone ok?
  9. Did u like this test (no effect on score-everyone has a right to opinion)?
  10. 2nd time - dont b depressed if u dont score high... it might be a mistake. i'll just say this: just cos u are in the popular crowd it doesnt mean that the people not in your group like you. if you are nice to most people, u should be ok!! (sos but i need u 2 know ok?

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