How much do you wnt a cookie?

Well, obviosly you like cookies cuz if you didnt, then you woulnt take this quiz. (am i right?) if you dont like cookies, then... IM VERY DISAPOINTED IN YOU! PLEASE, GET OUT OF MY FACE!!! JERK!!!!

i was just kidding (not) so, evan if you dont like cookies, than please take the quiz and please leave a comment or rate or, heck, BOTH!! so grab your self a cookie, a pice of cheese cake or a celery stick and TAKE THE DAMN QUIZ f---ER!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Liz456

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  1. how much do you want a cookie right now? (im eating one. how weird is that?)
  2. what if it had chocklet chips in it, like mine.
  3. woopsie, i droped it on the DIRTY floor, do you stil want it? (i just finished my cookie):*(
  4. whos your fav character in the movie "over the hedge."
  5. oopsie, i droped the cookie in a bucket of dirty mop water, now do you want your soggie cookie?
  6. uh oh! it went bad! now do you want it?
  7. oh no! biscuit,(my bechonpoodle) ate it! will you want it 8 hours from now? ( biscuit is like the cutest thing ever!) :3
  8. i spilt posion on it by accadent *coughts 'not'* do you want it?
  9. UH OH SPAGETTI-OS! (WHAT?)now your dead. do you still want a cookie?
  10. ok im out of questions (or am i?) whta are you going to do now?
  11. oh! i almost forgot! whats your favorite flavor of cookie?
  12. will you rate?
  13. comment?
  14. did you like my quiz?
  15. Whant some rootbeer?

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Quiz topic: How much do I wnt a cookie?