are you a ninja, dinosaur or a cookie?

you always wanted to know if you're a donisaur? or a ninja? or can you really claim to be a cookie?? test yourself! you wil not be disappointed! I made this test while my friend wated for me to finish an to give her the link but,... she fell asleep while she waited xD

umm,.. dinosaurs, ninjas and cookies are no human?? hehe,... you're so naive! I can prove you with ths test! no, I'm not stupid,.. and yes I'm bored,.. umm,... is ths a problem??

Created by: baby
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like/use perfume?
  2. do you sometimes make judo/konfu-moves infront of a mirror?
  3. are you good at pretending to be something?
  4. are you sportive?
  5. is your appearance important for you?
  6. do you phone alot?
  7. what do your friends mean to you?
  8. choose one of the bands/singers!
  9. you see a man with a tab "free hugs". what do you do?
  10. what do you think about smoking,.. do you smoke?

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Quiz topic: Am I a ninja, dinosaur or a cookie?