How much do you scare me?

Have you got the talent to scare the unscarable? I doubt it. Most people will fail, except a select few. I bet it won't be you, or you either. Don't get me wrong, I love all of you. But I doubt your abilities.

You thought Impossible Quiz 2: Revamped was hard? Ha! This is bound to be a world of salty tears and blood for you! You don't stand a chance. But go ahead, on the black and red brick road. Follow it. Let's see how you test out. Accept the challenge, unless you're too scared- of me! Trust me, or don't, you're in for a ride. But you're better off not trusting me. I lie.

Created by: Saratheamaze

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  1. Hello people! Welcome to my world! It's a scary one. Hopefully you can turn the tables and scare me! Do you think you're up for it? Be honest..
  2. In my world..knives, blood, violence, black, cloaks.
  3. This quiz is hard. I'm telling you. Drink of choice?
  4. You must have a twisted, clever mind for this quiz. In your opinion, do you have that?
  5. Here's a trick question. Trick or treat?
  6. In this quiz you must read carefully. Deb of seldeen?
  7. Memory test: Without cheating, in question 4. what is my world like?
  8. Without cheating, what did question 8 say?
  9. Now a question every quiz must have! Favorite color?
  10. Now is time for the end. Your heavy thinking might have paid off. No promise what your answer will be and if you'll like it. Because I don't promise

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Quiz topic: How much do I scare me?