how much do you really love your sister ??

this is a quiz to see how much you love your sister if you get 80% and up keep bonding with you sister if you got 60% and lower thats sad you need ALOT of bonding time then do this quiz to see if it changes

f it changes and if it does congratulations you did it hfksvblkads,c,adbsmvfjdbcvuwdjlewdgvfclsdgvckwdfoeijdunfkafjfvbadsh.wadskgfdmvmdfgcsanbds,vm,dsbv

Created by: Heaven of sisterlink
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  1. how often do you fight
  2. if you told your sister you are running away would you go with her or tell
  3. if your sister is on vacation and your mom ask who ate all the donuts you know you did but since your sister is gone would you lie on her
  4. how much do you love your sister
  5. if your sister dosnt know how to do her homework will you help her?
  6. if you see your sister is crying would you ask whats wrong ?
  7. if your sister got you 1,000 dollars for your birthday would you do something for her b-day ?
  8. if you ever had the chance would you kill your sister ?
  9. are you loyal to your sister ?
  10. are you scared about the results

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Quiz topic: How much do I really love my sister ??