How much do you really know about Wings of Fire?

Many people may be wondering where the heck a good Wings of Fire quiz is. You can always come here if you're looking for one better than all the rest. You can, of course, go take the others too, if you'd prefer.

This 30 question quiz will definitely suit you, if you're looking for a challenge. I tried to make it as hard as I could, but put some easy stuff in there, too, so some Wings of Fire newcomers will get something right, at least. Remember to like when you're done!

Created by: AFriendlyDragon-Cat

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  1. In what kingdom was the dragonet's Under the Mountain home really in?
  2. Which did the dragonets NOT do when escaping the Sky Kingdom?
  3. What did Tsunami accidentally do when she first spoke with Riptide?
  4. What guards Queen Coral's prison?
  5. How many known sloths does Queen Exquisite have?
  6. Where were the missing RainWings?
  7. Who is the secret queen of the NightWings?
  8. How did the RainWings fight the NightWings?
  9. What is the name of Smolder's pet scavenger?
  10. Which of the three sisters didn't die, but still didn't become queen?
  11. Who is in the Gold Winglet?
  12. Who is the Darkstalker?
  13. How do IceWings know their rank?
  14. How does the diamond trial work?
  15. Who is Peril's father?
  16. Who is Tourmaline, really?
  17. What is Turtle's secret?
  18. How does Darkstalker capture Turtle?
  19. What does Qibli's mom do for a living?
  20. How do Qibli and his friends stop Darkstalker?
  21. How did HiveWings come to be?
  22. Why were the HiveWings after Blue?
  23. How is Katydid related to Cricket?
  24. True or False: dragons have coffee
  25. Where are the LeafWings hiding?
  26. Which is a type of carnivorous plant in The Poison Jungle (place not book)?
  27. Why does Arctic hate his dragonets?
  28. What does Darkstalker threaten to do to the bullies if they don't stop being mean to his sister?
  29. What did Wren call Deathbringer?
  30. Who is Sky really?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about Wings of Fire?