How much do you no about Kate Middleton

Are you ready to find out how much you no about the well known princess? Well now you can with this easy and fantastic quiz. Take the quiz right now to find out your results.

Are you a Kate Middleton genus? Find out right now if you are your royal highness! This quiz is easy and fast for everyone... will you be an Kate Middleton expert?

Created by: Sarah Pope

  1. When was Kate Middleton born?
  2. Who are her siblings?
  3. What is Kate Middleton's favorite food?
  4. What is Kate Middleton's favorite color
  5. What is Kate Middleton's favorite sport?
  6. What is Kate Middleton allergic to?
  7. What is Kate Middleton's baby's name
  8. Do you like this quiz so far
  9. Where has Kate Middleton stopped at for fast food
  10. Where is Kate Middleton from

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Quiz topic: How much do I no about Kate Middleton