Which Hidden Gem Character Are You?

The "Hidden Gem" series by author India Lee follows Gemma Hunter and her popstar alter ego, Queen Bee. At home, Gemma confides in Leah and Kate, her best friends and Beauford High School classmates. However as her celebrity personality, she can be found making headlines with actress Zoe Mercury and socialite Harper Gunn - though not without the help of her trusted makeup artist Penelope!

Which one of these girls are you? Gemma, Zoe, Harper, Leah, Kate or Penelope? Are your friends Leahs and Kates? Or are they Zoes and Harpers? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: India Lee of India Lee Books
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  1. At a party, you and a friend spot a cute guy at the same time. You both want to approach him. What do you do?
  2. At a family gathering, your pushy aunt asks for details about your romantic life. You say:
  3. It's Saturday night and it's up to you to make plans with friends. You:
  4. Your grandmother's birthday dinner falls on the same day as a party your crush invited you to. You:
  5. You have three VIP passes to a red carpet movie premiere. There will totally be amazing gift bags. Which two people do you invite?
  6. It's Halloween! Your plans consist of:
  7. Which of the following statements do you hear most often?
  8. Your worst habit is:
  9. While out with friends, you see your best friend get pushed by a stranger. You:
  10. You're convinced you've met the perfect guy, mostly because he:
  11. Someone insults your outfit, which you like a lot. Your reaction is to:
  12. Ideally, by the end of the year, you'll have:

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Quiz topic: Which Hidden Gem Character am I?