How well do you know Middleton

Having school pride is a necessity to represent Middleton to its fullest ability. Do you have school pride? Are you sure? Alright but I'm warning's not hard.

This quiz will show just how much of a Lady Tiger you are! Go ahead and take it and see what you can get. Think you know but you have no easy this test is! Don't fail. Seriously.

Created by: middleton

  1. What is the principle's name?
  2. Which one is not an AP?
  3. What two changes will occur next year?
  4. Which is the best class at Middleton
  5. What is Middleton's mascot?
  6. What sex will dominate student governmetn next year?
  7. What is the first day of school next year?
  8. When does the class of 2008 officially become seniors?
  9. Who will be the Student Government President next year?
  10. Senior year is going to be SO much fun!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Middleton