How much do you love horses?

Alot of people love horses but this. Is the place were, you probably do not know why but this helps you choose whether you love or... HATE HORSES! Btw u cant hate horses

Are you a horse lover? If you think you are visit this quiz, the "How much do you love horses?" quiz no come on you know you want to find out if YOU really do love horses!

Created by: secretp@howrse

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  1. A neglected horse strays into your garden what do you do?
  2. Your friend decides to take you riding, But she knows nothing about it, what do you do?
  3. Your horse puts its ears flat down on its had backwards, what dos this mean?
  4. Your going to pony camp and you need a pony which characteristic do you choose?
  5. Hey Hey Hey!! Do you like horses?
  6. You can go on holiday but you have to leave your horse would you?
  7. Do you think you will be a supreme rider?
  8. Will you give secretp congrats on the international server on
  9. What is your FAVE breed?
  10. What country are you from?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love horses?