how much do you know runescape?

i think runescape is a very massive online game by Andrew Gower and he a very good creator of it until he messes up T_T!! YOU must love runescape O_O!

I am a genius on runescape. are you a genius too? i am not a true genius but i am very awesome player on runescape. i just can't help myself!! T_T P_P

Created by: lane

  1. is this about runescape?
  2. what is the highest combat level you can go if you are a member?
  3. is runescape popular?
  4. what is the worst armor you can have on runescape?
  5. what is the highest you can go into a skill level?
  6. what level in strength and attack do you have to be to weild the granite maul?
  7. what is the farthest south place you can go as a NON member?
  8. what is the highest level you can go as a non member?
  9. what direction is catherby?
  10. what is the most expensive god sword?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know runescape?