How much do you know of Islam

Islam. We all heard of it. Many of us are Muslims. Though there are people who do not truly understand of it. They sometimes take the word and get told as to what Islam is from a person who is not a follower of Islam. They tend to put hateful and Biased material unto that knowledge and spread it like a disease. This Quiz will hopefully help you out if your willing to learn about it.

All of us are naturally curious. Hopefully enough to learn of Islam. Its good to learn of other religions, and knowledge of other cultures, etc. We all know that knowledge will help someone achieve success. If not in this world, then the next. Good Luck

Created by: Zil
  1. Islam began when...
  2. What is Islam?
  3. What are the 'Pillars of Islam'?
  4. Who is Allah? Many people think Muslims worship a different God named Allah. They fail to realize that Allah in english is GOD, and GOD in arabic is ALLAH. If a person were to go to a hotel, they tend to find a bible inside it. If they were to look at the arabic translation for the Bible. God would be ALLAH. Also many others believe Allah is a Moon God, derived from the Polythiestic religions in the past. This is Incorrect because "Allah" was used as a name for ONE of their gods. The other gods, the paganistic religions believed had different names, their names were attributed to certain elements/Powers/etc... People lack the knowledge that "Allah" Is a very old word. Just like the Word GOD, in English. You cant call the same God you worship, a different God, your freind worships because he has a different name for God, prior to his heritage, culture, and most importantly, Language.
  5. Do muslims believe in Jesus (PBUH) and (PBUH) Moses?
  6. Who is Muhammed (PBUH)? Alot of people claim Mohammed(PBUH) was a tyrant. Sadly they dont use the evidence around them. If Muhammed(PBUH) was a tyrant many muslims would turn away from him. Why would they follow him if he were to contradict the Quran. Thus the Hadiths (Sayings and acts of the prophet) Go hand-in-hand together. Not one thing contradicts each other. Also many believe Muslims WORSHIP Muhammed. Though this theory doesnt hold water. It clearly does not teach that, because once again, The Quran speaks of worshipping only ONE GOD
  7. What is the Quran?
  8. Are muslims Terrorists? ALOT and I mean ALOT of people consider Muslims to be evil and cruel in the murder of others and they opposing beliefs. Many muslims have made mistakes, by forcing others to bend to their will and be forced to change their faith. This is totally against Islam. If one reads the Quran it clearly states that Religion is NOT COMPULSARY. This means you could be what ever religion you want no one is forcing you to become Muslim. Alot of people have used that Bias statement as an excuse and coverup of 9/11. Although todays politics speak truth like the single jewel lost in a desert of falsehood and lies.
  9. Is Islam going to be the major religion in the future, perhaps only in several years?
  10. Will you read the Quran? If possible to make sense, even in English (Realize the ENGLISH Quran isnt THE Quran. It is merely just a translation of it) The original Quran is and will be Arabic. Try to atleast understand it. Without the Bias statements created from the opposing society and world. I guarantee you if you pair up with a Muslim buddy and learn of WHAT islam is, I put 999% of the fact that you will agree to its system of beliefs and way of life. And if God wills you will become a Muslim, and Worship 1 God. The God of Noah(PBUH) The God of Abraham(PBUH) The God of Moses(PBUH) The God of Jesus(PBUH) The God of Mohammed (PBUH) And the God of many other prophets.(PBUthem)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know of Islam