How Much Islam Do You Know?

So Islam is soon to become the fastest growing religion in the world, yet many people are ignorant.. How come? Well try to take this quiz and see how smart you are, don't be scccccarred.

Ok did I scare you, I might be a smooth operator but that doesn't mean I don't worship my creator, without him I wouldn't have the many blessings that I get daily...

Created by: Humza Chowdhry
  1. Islam is?
  2. Islam promotes terrorism (killing innocent people)..
  3. Who do Muslims believe is the last messenger of God?
  4. How many pillars are there in Islam?
  5. In one of the pillars in Islam, Muslims are to perform a pilgrimage to where?
  6. There is only one thing in Islam where your at "war" with god.. What is it?
  7. The Quran is what completes a Muslim?
  8. Humza is a Perfect Muslim.. Correct statement?
  9. Woman must wear hijab no what's or buts.
  10. Muslims should turn their back on another muslim.

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Quiz topic: How Much Islam do I Know?