How Much do You know Miley?

You Might want to know how much you know about Miley. well, you came to the right place. if you want to know how much you know about Miley Cyrus i guess u should take this quiz.

Did Someone ever asked you that how much you know about Miley Cyrus? if so and you didn't reply because you didn't know how much well you should take this quiz and stop worrying.

Created by: Miley Fan

  1. Who is Miley's Dad?
  2. What's Miley's real name?
  3. Is Miley, Miley's Nickname?
  4. What Episode was when everyone knew her secret and treated her badly?
  5. Is Lilly Miley;s best friend in the movie?
  6. Is Emily Osment Miley's sister in real life?
  7. Who is Miley's lil sis in real life?
  8. Is Miley my best friend?
  9. Who Is jackson stewart in real life?
  10. is Miley Cyrus a ugly person?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I know Miley?