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Hello everyone! I want you to take this quiz to see how much you know me. Hopefully you get a good score. IF YOU DONT ILL SEND BALDI AFTER YOU. JK! Lol. Good luck!

Oh! And by the way, this quiz was made in about 2019. It’s like, New Year’s Eve or the day before New Year’s Eve. So... I don’t know what to write. Um bye.

Created by: Cara Games

  1. Who is my favorite replaying YouTuber?
  2. How many siblings do I have?
  3. Who was the first gaming youtuber ive ever seen?
  4. How old was I when I made the roblox account I use now?
  5. Who is the pals member that I hate the most?
  6. Who is the pals member the I like the most?
  7. What was the name of my Xbox account?
  8. Is my dad an acholic?
  9. How old was I when my mom died?! (The question is funny cuz it rhymes but it’s sad cuz I miss her) =(
  10. What’s my fav color?
  11. Who takes care of me?
  12. Where did I go for winter vacation in 3rd grade?

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