Who are you? Romeo and Juliet

The characters of Romeo and Juliet exhibit unique qualities and traits that steer the plot along its various twists and turns. Ever wondered who you would be?

Who are YOU? Which character from Shakespeare's masterpiece do align with the most? Enter to take this quiz and find out who your are... and who you aren't.

Created by: Rodrigo

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  1. Would you betray logic, tradition, and family to pursue passion?
  2. How do you respond to failure?
  3. Do you consider yourself more logical or emotive?
  4. You are aware that a classmate of yours cheated on a final exam. Because he scored perfectly, he set the curve and greatly lowered everyone else's grades, including yours. What do you do?
  5. How do you believe laws should be enforced in society?
  6. With which of the following do you more closely identify?
  7. Regardless of your opinion of yourself, how do others perceive you?
  8. Do you believe on ghosts or supernatural beings?
  9. Do you believe in fate?
  10. You are walking home at night and hear a mysterious noise coming from an alleyway beside you. What do you do?

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