How much do you know HMS3

There are alot of smart people, but a few geniuses.Take the quiz below and see if you are one of these geniuses or just smart.To me a Genius can get at least only 2 of these questions wrong.

Can you do it.Do you have the knowledge to do it?Come take the quiz and see if you are truly HMS3 genius or just smart .If you liked this quiz please answer the last question.

Created by: Melissa Hynds
  1. Who sings the song "Night to Remember" at the big show?
  2. Who goes in a messed up truck to Stanford in the movie?
  3. In where do they sing the song "Right here Right Now"?
  4. What happens to troy's understudy when he is told that he would be going up on stage?
  5. What song did Sharpay and Ryan sing in the caf. ?
  6. Who got the Julliard scholarship?
  7. Who makes the speech at the endw of the movie?
  8. What is Gabriella's last name?
  9. Where were sharpays parents before they got to the show?
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know HMS3