How much do you know Dr. Slump

In 1980, one of the most best-loved manga series, Dr. Slump, was created by none other than Akira Toriyama. His manga series was such a huge hit that he would later make such hits like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

So, you think you know Dr. Slump, eh? I dare you take this quiz. Come on, don't be bashful. You know you want to. You do? Great! Now, have fun taking this quiz.

Created by: 1991rigs

  1. What is the name of Senbei Norimaki's android "sister"?
  2. Which place does Arale and Senbei live?
  3. Which one of Arale's friends were NOT present in "Here Comes Arale"?
  4. Gatchan's real name is...
  5. Who does Senbei fall in love with and later married to?
  6. Who is the evil scientist that tries to take over the world but dies after numerous failures?
  7. Parzan and Suppaman(Sour Man) are rivals because...
  8. RELATIONSHIP QUESTION: Taro Soramame and Akane Kimidori are...
  9. What was Mr. Soramame's former occupation?
  10. CHARACTER RIDDLE: I am from outerspace, but I speak with a Brooklyn accent. WHO AM I?!!
  11. The Tsun Family is from...
  12. Which cartoon character does Obotchaman resemble?
  13. How many Gatchans are currently living with the Norimakis
  14. How many Dr. Slump graphic novels were published?
  15. Which of the following manga works was NOT created by Akira Toriyama(The Author of Dr. Slump)?

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