How Much Do You Know Cats?

Hallo!!! I hope you enjoy this wonderful quiz where you get to see how much you love cats. will you get a 0 or 100? Well you can see in a few minutes of taking this quiz. Thanks!!

Hallo, Im Second Paragraph and I will be explaining this quiz. The objective is to get a high score while you get to learn some new things hopefully. Bye!! Ps: There are some hard questions. Well, I'd say that. They may not be for you.

Created by: Octavia.
  1. What is the average age of cat?
  2. Which of These is NOT a cat breed?
  3. How Many Muscles In A Cat's Ear.
  4. Which is The Largest Cat Breed?
  5. Smallest Cat?
  6. Which of these is the largest?
  7. Which is the most Wild?
  8. How many muscles in a cat's tail?
  9. Ugliest Cat Breed. ( Yes The World Has Decided )
  10. Which is The Rarest ON This List.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Cats?