How Much Do You Know About Wings Of Fire?

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This quiz is only for people that know wings of fire! Don’t worry this quiz is EASYYYYYY! Well for people that ACCUALLY have READ THE BOOKS it is!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the quiz! ;3 !!!!! .......don’t bother reading this...... *Warning: this is ONLY for Wings Of Fire fans!!!!!* .......... bye! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Kabbage4

  1. Ok, this is a quiz for Wings Of Fire fans ONLY! So get out if your not one
  2. What colour is glory?
  3. Who captures the Dragonets Of Destiny first?
  4. What are the guardians names and tribe?
  5. Why does sunny look different?
  6. Ok...... what is the name of the third book and who’s story is it?
  7. Why does queen coral forbid SeaWings to eat dolphins?
  8. What is Glory’s sloth named?
  9. OK! Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Wings Of Fire?