How much do you know about Undertale?

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There are 9 questions. Answer them wisely...or not I guess. Anyways. Just answer questions. 9 of them. 9 questions. That's it. then you'll get your score! (Yay!)

Umm...what are you waiting for? can you just answer the questions already? Come on, I don't have all day...I can't keep waiting here all day..........

Created by: Giovanni Alonzo

  1. Who says "It's KILL or BE KILLED."?
  2. Who relates to a fish?
  3. Who just makes a mad laugh before fighting you when he shows up?
  4. Who is the king?
  5. Who is the Royal Scientist?
  6. Who just loves spaghetti and wants to join the Royal Guard?
  7. Who is very lazy?
  8. Ok, enough about the characters. Who created Undertale?
  9. Who is very evil and wants to erase this world and move on to the next?
  10. Last question! What is the REAL name of your character?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Undertale?