How Much Do You Know About Transformers Prime

Ever wondered if you know a lot about Transformers Prime. Well you can find out here in this quiz that I have made for all you people who might wonder how much they actually know about Transformers Prime.

This is a quiz that is fairly easy and should not be to hard for most. If you really want to find out how much you know about Transformers Prime. You will find out in jusst a few minutes.

Created by: Flying Unicorns

  1. Is Megatron The Decepticon Leader?
  2. Is Shockwave The Survelince Cheif
  3. Is Stascream Second in Command
  4. Is Soundwave the Scienetist.
  5. Was Soundwave One of Megatrons First Followers
  6. Is Bulkhead a good guy or a bad guy
  7. Is Ratchet a Medic
  8. Is Optimus Prime a Leader
  9. Was Optimus Prime Ever a Clerk
  10. Is Arcee good or Bad

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Transformers Prime