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  • Why did Jack have to die! He was so cute???? Leonardo Dicaprio! Marry me??

    primroseeverden5 Dec 15 '15, 5:39PM
  • 92 percent! I love the titanic so so much !! I watch it every April and everytime its on tv!!!#love this movie

    Elsa1234 Nov 4 '14, 6:03PM
  • 92 percent! I love the titanic so so much !! I watch it every April and everytime its on tv!!!

    Elsa1234 Nov 4 '14, 6:02PM
  • This need way more questions about the actual ship not the movie

    RileyNichole May 15 '14, 10:25PM
  • You know Titanic 85%. This movie is awesome ;33

    Titanic Apr 19 '14, 7:56PM
  • 85% ive seen it like 10 times or more my grandma always wants to watch it its an amazing movie

    Fallen Life Aug 1 '13, 1:36AM
  • 100%
    one thing I didn't like: it was mostly of the movie (which i just watched 30 minutes ago). It needs facts OF the ship not OF the movie.

    EragonLover Jun 26 '11, 3:36PM
  • 77% pretty gud 4 me =] dat movie was so beautiful T_T it almost made me cry and leonardo dicaprio is so HOT lulz

    ltlbabeangel Apr 27 '08, 2:54PM
  • Love Titanic, seen it again recent;y at the drive in movies, kate winslet is talented and love her song What if, Got 100%!!

    brattytx18 Apr 27 '08, 2:07AM
  • i got a 54% on the test...the movie titanic is so totally sucks..leonardo dicaprio isnt hot either the movie isnt all that good and the actors are even worse...and there are several versions of the titanic on video...all in all i actually did good..because i only saw the movie once and it was a shortened version that was formatted for tv...but if youre looking for something dramatic and otherwise s---ty...go ahead and hit it up...see ya!

    MYRASOSWEET Apr 27 '08, 12:25AM
  • i love titanic so much and i got an A+ on this quiz. titanic ROX MY SOX. leo dicaprios so hotttttttttt

    JesusRox137 Apr 26 '08, 10:55PM

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