How much do you know about the percy Jackson series

Hi I am (-_-) and this is my quiz on how much do you know about the percy Jackson series. I hope you like my quiz and remember the most important thing is to have fun.

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Created by: (-_-)
  1. Percy Jackson is the Son of:
  2. what is the name of Percy's best friend
  3. what is his last name
  4. Percy's sword turns into a
  5. Who runs camp half blood
  6. The director of camp half-blood is
  7. Luke is the son of:
  8. Annabeth is the daughter of:
  9. Tyson is Percy's:
  10. In the second book they have to find:
  11. Thalia is the daughter of:
  12. Nico and Bianca are the children of:
  13. Who dies in the land without rain
  14. Rachel Dare is a:
  15. after its previous owner died, the Hellhound belonged to:
  16. The Goddess that did not go to war is:
  17. Nico dumped Percy in the:
  18. The giant the God's fought was:
  19. True or false: Percy fought Kronos
  20. Tyson was awarded with the title:

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the percy Jackson series