how much do you know about the movie Juno?

Some people say they know everything about juno but not many people really do. do you really know a lot about the movie juno or are you jut saying you do. if you think you really think you no a lot take this quizand find out the truth!!

Do YOU know a lot about the movie juno? do you know enough to say you do? untill i made this quiz you could only wonder. but thanks to me you can now see what you really know. all of the questions and answers are 100% correct so don't wait!!

Created by: kala mae vining of this site
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  1. who plays juno?
  2. What is bleekers real name in the movie??
  3. what sport is bleeker in?
  4. who plays bleeker?
  5. do juno and bleeker have a girl or boy?
  6. what are the names of the adopteve parrents?
  7. where is bleeker when he finds out juno had the baby?
  8. what two colors walls did did vanessa have trouble pickin for the baby room untill it was boarn?
  9. what did it say in the background when bleeeker found out juno had her baby?
  10. FINISH THE LINE!!!!!!!!!! when i see them all running like that with there things bouncing around in there shorts i always picture them naked even if i don't want to.______________________.
  11. what color is bleekers sport clothes?
  12. what abortion center did you need a note from your parrents to go to?
  13. what abortion center did juno go to?
  14. what flavor condoms did the receptionest try to give juno?
  15. what food phone did juno have?
  16. how old is juno?
  17. what is her friends name who likes teachers?
  18. what does she call the teacher her riend likes?
  19. who did juno see in front of the abortion center?
  20. what is juno's little sisters name?
  21. what is juno's step moms name?
  22. what is junos fave slushie?
  23. what is bleekers all time fave?
  24. what of brendas did juno barf in?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the movie Juno?