How Much Do You Know About the DSi?

There`s a lot of people in the world, some know little about the Nintendo DSi. Even fewer know the full power of this portable gaming device, and how to really use it to its full power! It takes a genius to truly understand the DSi!

Do you truly know what a DSi is? Take the test and find out what you know! And if whether you can call yourself a cool DSi master in front of your friends & family.

Created by: dude

  1. How do you get internet on the DSi?
  2. What company provided the internet browser?
  3. Can you type on DSi?
  4. Do you have to use the stylus provided?
  5. What colors did the DSi come in originally?
  6. Does the DSi have a camera?
  7. Does DSi have flash player on it?
  8. Can you play Youtube videos on a DSi?
  9. Can you download files on DSi internet?
  10. Can music be played on DSi?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About the DSi?