How full is your bladder?

Many people have strong bladders, and many have weak bladders, but it doesn't matter cause when it's full, it's full and you will have to pee, or you will wet yourself

How full is YOUR bladder? Is it bone dry and empty, or are you bursting to pee? Find out how full your bladder is with this quiz! Try bit to pee yourself?

Created by: Joe

  1. How bad do you need to pee?
  2. Press on your bladder, how does it feel?
  3. Press a fist to your bladder, how long could you hold it there?
  4. Stop holding yourself completely, and instantly try to regain control. Could you do it?
  5. Stretch out as far as possible. Results?
  6. Same scale, how bad do you need to pee now? From 1-6
  7. Go sit in the toilet with all clothes on but try not to pee
  8. Do you have a history of wetting yourself?
  9. Do you have to poop at all?
  10. Do 15 jumping jacks. How are you feeling?
  11. Push on your bladder as hard as you can and hold it for 10 seconds. What happened?
  12. Did you pee yourself yet?

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Quiz topic: How full is my bladder?