Cud u be a Mathamatician???

There is loads of clever people in this world. But only a few will have the power to become a Mathematician. A genius needs a clever mind and needs the use of great tactics. You need the ability to work out the most difficult questions.

Can you be a mathematician? Have You got the will power and strength of mind do be a full time genius. Want to see if YOU are a genius? if YOU have the talent. Just take this quiz and find out Your mathematician score and percentage out of 100

Created by: Dani
  1. what is 1/5 X 1/4 ?
  2. if one angle on a straight line is 80, then whats the other angle?
  3. if the width(W)of a cuboid is 4cm, the length (L) is 5cm and the height (H) is 10cm.. what is the volume (V) and how do u work it owt?
  4. what is the exterior angle of a 5 sided polygon?
  5. what is 5 x 4 ?
  6. what is 100 - 200
  7. what do the angles in a triangle add up to?
  8. how do u find out the area of a circle?
  9. whats the cross section of a triangular prism??
  10. what is the other side of a rectangle if, one side is 7cm, and the area is 42cm2?

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