How much do you know about the animorphs

There are many books out there.I chose to do the animorphs series.The animorphs were a book series and a TV show.It's about five kids walking through a construction site and getting the powers to morph into any animal they can touch. But their job? Is to save the human race from aliens.

In this quiz you will find true or false questions and tons of other questions about the animorphs and their lives.If you have read the book series it will be easy. Those who haven't will learn. Good luck!!!!

Created by: Animorpher12
  1. Which of these characters IS NOT in the book
  2. Which out of the five animorphs spotted the andalite ship first?
  3. True or False: One animorph in the book dies
  4. Which animorph found out how to morph clothing?
  5. In the book The Sickness who catches the disease first?
  6. Which morph does Tobias get trapped in?
  7. Who gives Tobias back his morphing powers?
  8. What does Jake want to be when he grows up?
  9. True or False: Rachel and Jake are related
  10. In what book do the animorphs find Ax?
  11. Ok if you got the morphing powers and the fight was over what would you do with them?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the animorphs