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There has been an Era between magic and humans. Make the choice to either help save the human race or you can join a force that wants to destroy the human race.

You have the power to make the right choice but it depends on who you are or who you want to become. You have special abilities then anyone else. But what are you going to do with them?

Created by: 123cotton
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  1. Buzz buzz buzz "ugh another day of boring school". You slowly start to walk out of your soft bed until you forgot "aw man I forgot to do English home work I guess I'll do it Later". You start getting dressed what do you wear?
  2. "Thank god I got this its one of my favorite outfits". After your done getting dressed you comb your hair and tie your new vans on. "I wonder what mom made for breakfast today I'm starving".
  3. You go downstairs and see your mom cooking some pancakes "hey sweetheart nice to see you ready want some pancakes"? "Sure mom" you say. After your done eating you go get the car and drive to school "well here we go again with school" after you go inside the first hallway you notice your best friend Samson.
  4. "Oh hey __ how are you "Samson says. "Im fine just tired" " I hope you don't fall asleep in class" He starts laughing. You start laughing too "I sure hope not we have that test today huh?" "Yeah we have in in math". RING "we'll see ya ____" "Bye"
  5. When you come to your first period science you notice a new person in your class he notices you looking at him and he smirks You look away and go to your seat. Your bff Namoi says "hmm you like the new kid huh"? " No I just never saw him before" "hmm" "I'm saying the truth" you start chuckling. "Well ok I believe you". Your teacher goes on and on with solving questions until you caught yourself looking right into the new kids eyes you look away.
  6. The teacher calls on you to answer a question "huh"? You say. Naomi face palms "it's 98" she wispers "9-98" you mumble and start to turn red *ugh I screwed* you thought. But when turn to see the new kid he does nothing not even looking back. "You need to pay attention next time" the teacher says "oh speaking your all of your attention we have a new student named manny".
  7. The bell rung and the manny got up and left "Make sure to go over page 124 for homework" The teacher says. "She's getting more grumpy every day we see her". "Definitely" you say. "See ya ____" "bye Naomi" you say. You give her a *hug* "see you after school" "Ok". You head to your History class and you see another new kid but it look like he's sleeping. He falls off his chair he wakes up and says "huh?" You start giggling he looks at you and winks you blush and head to your seat. Turns out you sit behind him. "Hey beautiful" he says "hi" you start to blush. "I'm Justin". "I'm _____" "What a nice name very unique" he winks again and your blushing like crazy.
  8. The teacher asks you why your so red "I'm just really warm". You say. Justin turns around and smirks. "Do you need to go outside ___ if your too warm?". "No I'm fine" The teacher goes back teaching today's lesson. You think *gosh he's very flirtatious* just after you thought that he almost seems to turn around and smirks.
  9. RING the bell rang and your packing your stuff and Justin turns around and says "I hope we see each other again ____" he winks and leaves. You start to walk to PE for your next period and you see Samson but you look around for something then out of nowhere Naomi pops up and says "RAWR" you screech and she starts laughing her head off and so is Samson. You push Samson into Naomi but they both still laugh "did you guys plan this". Naomi is still laughing and Samon looks innocent "what poor little us planed this how dare you accuse me" he teases. "Yeah sure your innocent" you poke him. "Hey" he starts laughing because he's ticklish.
  10. "ALRIGHT listen up your gonna run today" you feel sick of running, but for some reason you feel free when your running "HEY SNAP OUTTA IT _____" your P.E. Teacher says. "Alright get ready.....set....GO" you start running you notice Samson is ahead of you and Naomi is right behind you. And you notice a new girl she has teal hair and glasses she looks like she's running really fast.you think *wow she runs fast almost too fast* and she passes every one in the class.
  11. After the mile everyone was gasping for breath,but the new girl wasn't in fact she's not even sweating. Naomi sees you looking at the new girl "she's...new.." Naomi saying gasping every time she's talking. "I'm going to talk to her". "I'm..going..to..stay..here.". As your walking to her you see she looks pretty athletic. "Hi I'm ____". "Hi" she says cheerfully. "I'm ruby it's nice to meet you ____". *wow she's polite* "nice to meet you also". She looks around she spotted something. You also turn around its a figure behind a building "what's that"? You ask. Ruby holds a grip on your arm "um probably nothing ___". You turn back again but it's gone. *i wonder what was it* you think. Naomi comes and says "come on ___ I'm hungry lunch is almost next lets go" Naomi almost dragging you to the cafeteria "bye ruby see you soon". "Bye ___". When you reach the cafeteria you get some.
  12. After your done eating you feel like going outside "it's a nice day isn't it". When you turn you see a boy. "y-yes it is very nice" you mumble back. He grins "hi I'm Isaac ". "I'm ___". "His eyes glimmer around the edges of his eyes "what a very nice name, I hope I'll see you soon miss ___" he smiles once more then leaves.
  13. You start to feel red, when you walk back inside the cafeteria you bump in to Naomi "hey I was looking for..." She paused. You turn around to see what she was looking at the figure appeared again but this time it was closer, after a few seconds it went away. "___ make sure you go straight home today" she looks at you with her serious silver eyes.
  14. "Alright Naomi...hey you ok." "Yeah I'm fine" she looks detracted. You start to walk off until you bump into Justin "hey you ok __". He almost sounded serious "yeah I'm fine". "Good" he walks off and winks at you. *why is every one concerned about me* you think. RING "finally schools out" you hear Manny say. He looks at you with one eyebrow raised he looks at your face. For a second I thought you saw him smiling but even if you did it disappeard. He study's you for a second looking at you and he asks "your ___ right?". "Yeah that's me". He mumbles under his breath.
  15. " il see you soon __" he waves and leaves. "Bye". As you start to walk out of the building you see the figure again but this time he was in front of the building. You walk the other way but it's still their. *gotta find a way out* as you look up you see a big window that you could fit into. You start to grab in the window edge and heave yourself up and get threw the window. "Wasn't too hard". You feel some one else's presence. The figure is following you.
  16. You start to run not even knowing where your going you head to the forest. For some strange reason you stop you get into crouch pose then you see something. It doesn't see you but it almost looks like ruby and she has wings in her back. Ruby looks some one it's a huge jet black wolf it grows something at her then she starts flying in circles in the sky.
  17. A few minutes later the black huge wolf smells something in the air and he looks in your eyes. They look like Mannys. The wolf grows and runs to you. "OH #%\?". You say out loud. He pins you down and smells you his eyes look less animal like, and he gets off you and turns into human form. "Why are you here ___" he askes calmly yet a slight concern. "There was a a thing that was following me and I-i ran". You stumble out words. Ruby stops flying and she looks surprised to see you here "____?" She asks. "We must fell her now after what see saw". "Know what?". "Follow me both of you". Manny walks in a strate path. Ruby looks at you and asks in a whisper voice "what did it look like? The figure". "I-I don't know but it had almost like a human form. "Oh no" she almost sound sad.
  18. As you were walking you noticed you were going deeper inside the forest. You whisper "where are we going ruby?". "We're going to the secret hide out". As you were walking in the forest you feel some thing that you never felt before a sensation that was deep inside your body. Manny stops walking and he looks at you "you alright?". "I'm fine". The feeling doesn't go away it's still there deep inside your body to your bones. "We're almost there" manny says. Manny kneels on the floor and looks up and he gets up and touches a tree trunk and the tree opens. Ruby walks in first then you and last manny.
  19. As you walk inside its a huge room with tons of flowers and bright lights so many colors yet so beautiful. As your looking around you notice new faces. "It's nice in here isn't it" Ruby asks. "It's spectacular". Coming out of the hall way is Justin with some soda in his hand when he sees you he spits out some of his soda "_____!??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?" He looks back and fourth to you and Manny. "Why is she here Manny?" Justin asks. "She ran into us in the forest and she saw us in out forms and to make matters worse she saw him". His voice sounded angry with the last word. "I'll get the others". Justin runs outta the room. "Sit ___ were going to have a meeting". As you sit down Ruby sits next down to you yet manny moves farthest from you. Justin comes back with Issac,and Samson!!??.
  20. Samsons eyes are wide with shock "___ why are you here?". You look down at the floor and say nothing. "Why is she here Manny" Isaac asks. "She ran into Ruby and I when she was training, she also saw the figure". Issac and Samson both look stressed "did you tell her yet?". "No but now that you mentioned it I should". Manny gets up and he touches your hand. You end up into a dark place.
  21. When you look around all you see is darkness,yet you see some one walking towards you its in its immortal form. As it gets closer it's Justin in his dark vampire form. "Hey ___ like my form?". "Yes it's very nice"."I'm part vampire and half fallen angel". As he walks around you see his dark silver wings, there not huge yet there not small a decent size but there beautiful. Next you see Issac he walks to you and Justin, he almost seems glowing he has beautiful dark red wings yet he has pointed ears. "I'm part fallen angle and part elf". He grins. Samson comes towards you but he looks way different. He is a werewolf. He has a red coat with a white spot on the tip of his tail, as he walks he comes up to you and sit next to you. Manny comes he is also a werewolf but he is much more bigger then Samson. Manny has a jet black coat with a pair of piercing eyes. Ruby comes last and she has beautiful cream wings that seem to glimmer in different places. "I'm a fallen angel I haven't found out my other half yet". Ruby sounds disappointed.
  22. "Now we must discuss about ___ and the figure she has seen today".Manny says. You start to feel the same feeling inside again this time it's stronger, you feel different then before every part of your body aches.Justin comes by your side "what's wrong ___" he looks at your shaking body "Nothing I'm fine". "Well alright". Justin moves back to his spot. "The figure that you saw today was Evan our enemy, he cares about no one not even himself". "Well why does this figure following me". "Evan has his own powers in this case he used his power to make himself look like he was there he can see what ever the figure can". "So that's his personal slave?". "Yes in some way it is ____ but we have no idea how he can control it". Samson speaks up next "And he wants you because you have something that we all don't possess". "What do I posses that he wants?". "Time" Ruby says". "You are able to stop or speed up time when ever you please." "Yet you also have our powers". "How do I go into my form?" You ask. "It will take a while but you have to make your mind clear". "Be we will also train you to use your powers". You look around then you look at yourself "are there more of us?" "Yes there are more of us, yet some chose to go into the shadows and turn against us." "Why". "Because they want to destroy the human race and make the whole world better, but it doesn't work like that".
  23. "Evan had a bad past with humans, people called him freak and he would clip,and cut himself but later on in his life that he was doing this because of the humans, but really he was doing it to himself". Manny takes a deep breath and let's it out. "I think you should rest now ___ it's been a long day for you". "I'll show you to your room". A few seconds later your back inside the living room with flowers and bright lights. Every one is back in there human forms. "Follow me ___ please" Manny says. He takes your hand and you shiver you didn't notice his muscular shoulders. You kinda blush at the thought his muscles. He turns around to make sure your following. He lets go of your hand and he shivers. "Here is your room". You noticed it was only you two in the hallway. He steps closer to you inches away from your face. He moves closer nearly touching your lips. He kisses you slightly or a brief second then pulls away. You also notice he is slightly red. "Here's your keys to your room". He runs one hand threw his hair. You've never seen him like this. "Good night ___". "Night". He walks down the hallway at a quick pace
  24. As you walk inside your room it's a beautiful light sky blue room with a nice sized window with lavender curtains and at the corner there was a white bean bag chair. You heard something behind you two hands touched you on the shoulder "you look nice in person ___". You felt like screaming but you didn't. "I promise I won't hurt you". "Who are you". The person chuckles "turn around then". You do turn around and you see a handsome young man and he winks and you. You slightly blush. "I'm Evan". You gasp "Evan" you ask. "The one and only". He touches your cheek with his hand "your so beautiful ___" he kisses you in the forehead "I hope to see you soon" he disappears into thin air.
  25. You take in a deep breath and let it out. You don't even feel like sleeping you look out side your window you see a small little ginger kitten on a tree branch ."mew". You love animals so you reach to grab it but then the branch falls and the kitten is falling "Mew" you start to cry you killed the kitten. Until a split second later Issac is flying he has the kitten in his arms "mew". "Thank you so much Issac". "Your welcome ____" you grab the kitten then put it on your bed then you hug Issac. He stiffens but then he puts his arms around you. After your done hugging he says "Goodnight" "Good night Issac" he flys away.
  26. After a while you fall asleep and the kitten curls up next to you and stars purring then he falls asleep. You dream about.
  27. Alright guys this is just part one of this story now please fill free to make any comments of what I can do to improve my characters. Or help me make new characters into the story.

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