how much do you know about the akatsuki

This is a quiz about the akatsuki well the member mostly. The akatsuki is an organization from the hidden rain. It was started by three orphans nagato konan and yahiko

So do you truly know the akatsuki or do you only think you do? This quiz will separate the true fans from the fakers which one are you. Hope you enjoy.

Created by: SN1P3RL4ZY
  1. What do the akatsuki have on their black coats?
  2. What is the colour of the object on their coats?
  3. Which akatsuki members were tasked with retrieving the 1 tailed beast?
  4. Who killed asuma?
  5. Who is the ex akatsuki member that wanted itachi's body?
  6. Nagato has what special ability that very few before him had?
  7. Which akatsuki member captured the 6 tails?
  8. Which akatsuki member has a serious case of split personality?
  9. Which akatsuki member is known for his powerful water style jutsus and swordman skills?
  10. What fighting style does sasori use?
  11. Who was the first person to be killed by the rasenshuriken?
  12. Konan got killed by who?
  13. After sasori died who became deidara's partner?
  14. During the fight with the 2 tails(yugito) hidan states that his attacks are the ....... In the akatsuki.
  15. What kind of jutsus does konan use?
  16. Which resurrected akatsuki member fought ohnoki on turtle island?
  17. Which akatsuki member nearly killed kankuro?
  18. Which akatsuki member(works with sasuke in take and hebi) uses the hosuki water gun technique?
  19. Might gai fought which akatsuki meber 3 times and still forgot his name?
  20. Who killed jiraiya?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the akatsuki