How much do you know about Taylor swift?

Wow! Where do I start. Taylor swift is an extraordinary person. She is beautiful,kind, and has a lot of talent. I wish you all the best on this quiz.

Do you know about Taylor swift? Well you will see in just a few minutes if you know anything about Taylor swift. I think you will get a good score but if you don't don't worry.

Created by: TSwift rocks

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  1. When was Taylor swift born?
  2. What is her lucky number?
  3. What song did Taylor swift write?
  4. Is Taylor swift pretty?
  5. Does Taylor swift's mom have cancer?
  6. What is Taylor swift's cat name?
  7. Is this quiz good?
  8. When was Taylor swift's first kiss?
  9. What color of hair does Taylor swift have?
  10. Will you comment and like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Taylor swift?