How Much Do You Know About Swimming

There are many people who swim and know about swimming. Including me. So, I made this quiz for people who want to know how well educated in swimming they are.

How much do YOU know about swimming? For a while, people didn't even think swimming was a sport. Well, it is and Many people love it. So take it to find out what you know about it!

Created by: LmcK
  1. First of all, what are the four competitive strokes?
  2. What stroke do you use dolphin kicks with?
  3. Do You know what a pullout is? (be honest)
  4. What is a block
  5. What is a set?
  6. What is an interval?
  7. So you start on the blocks for every event?
  8. What is long course?
  9. what is a meet?
  10. What does the first long whistle at a meet signal?
  11. Does the second series of whistles mean?
  12. What is considered the slowest competitive stroke?

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