Should You Go To Swim Practice Today?

Every swimmer knows that to excel in the sport of competitive swimming you must practice on a regular basis. But, sometimes athletes need breaks to recharge from the 'daily grind' of the swim season.

This quiz will tell you whether or not you should skip practice today given your current situation (not feeling well, injury, sickness, excessive homework, etc.)

Created by: Maia

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  1. In a typical week, how many times do you swim?
  2. Why are you considering not going to practice today?
  3. How bad are the circumstances in the last question? BE HONEST! For an example: If you answered in the previous question that you feel sick, rate 1-5 how sick you feel.
  4. How many days have you taken off from practice in the past two weeks?
  5. How far are you into the swim season?
  6. How will your coach react if you skip practice today?
  7. If you were to go to practice today, is there a way that you could 'fix' the practice so that it would be more manageable for you? For an example: If you have a shoulder injury, you could ask your coach to kick during sets that may hurt your shoulder.
  8. Is skipping swim practice a habit for you? BE HONEST!
  9. How hard are your swim practices?
  10. Do you HONESTLY think that you should skip today?

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Quiz topic: Should I Go To Swim Practice Today?