Are you a true swimmer?

Some people say they are swimmers. But, they sit on the wall during practice- or maybe they only meant swimming for fun in the summertime! I have no idea what else to write here!

So. Ask yourself this question: are you a TRUE swimmer? Now ask ME that question by taking this quiz! Hope you enjoy, and lets hope you are a true swimmer!

Created by: Jo

  1. Somebody asks your coach if your are using flippers today. What is your reaction?
  2. You see a new kid using those goggles that LOOK like a snorkel mask but aren't. You:
  3. There's a Speedo pink and yellow suit on sale for $10. Then, there's the Dolphin on sale for $30. Which do you buy?
  4. You see a 3 year old go over to the "swim team only" bins where the entire team's equipment is kept. Then, he takes out your best friend's fins and puts them on. You:
  5. A new girl who has never been on a swim team before has better freestyle than you.
  6. How often do you go to swim practice?
  7. What's your favorite event?
  8. Your coach tells you to do a hard set. You:
  9. You're doing a 1600 free.
  10. I swear that was more than 10 questions but it says keep going...
  11. Do you love butterfly?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true swimmer?