Synchronized swimming

This Quiz is about Synchronized swimming and its history.I chose to do it on this because it is a great sport and fun!!!!!!!! I hope you love the quiz i know i did!!!!!!!!

Do you have the right info to get a good score and if not it is still fun.i hope you enjoy it and get a good result . in just a few minuets we will find out!!!!!

Created by: Eva
  1. Who is the best in the world in Synchronized swimming?
  2. What do you use in your hair in Synchronized swimming?
  3. When did Synchronized swimming first start?
  4. Who was the first person who did synchronized swimming?
  5. What is s figure?
  6. you use a _________ on your nose when you go under the water.
  7. in synchro you where ________ on your head.
  8. dose New Zealand compete in the olympics for Synchronized swimming.
  9. What is the best club in New Zealand?
  10. How many stars are there in Synchronized swimming?

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