Are you a swimmer?

It is a fun quiz which will determine what kind of swimmeryou are. This will determine how much harder you need to work to be better or if you are as good as you can be.

The options of what you are going to be are, amazing swimmer, swimmer, average swimmer, slow swimmer, swim lessons swimmer, and not a swimmer. So good luck and have fun.

Created by: Someone 123

  1. What is your 50 yard freestyle time
  2. What do you call the things you put on your feet to make you swim faster
  3. What is your 25 backstroke time
  4. Do you have any swimming records
  5. Do you do dry land
  6. Are you on a swim team
  7. What does I.M stand for
  8. How often do you go to swim practice
  9. What letter can you find along the bottom of the pool
  10. Where do you live

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Quiz topic: Am I a swimmer?