How much do you know about Stargate Atlantis?

There are many smart people in this world, but are you a true SGA lover? Test your knowledge to the limit with this fab SGA quiz, designed for all you sci fi geeks out there!

Are YOU a Rodney McKay? Find out with this fun filled quiz, packed tight with questions for you, all about SGA! Maybe you might learn something new. You never know, but have a go anyway. It's just a click of the mouse!

Created by: Tamar
  1. What is Rodney Mckay's real name?
  2. In the episode Duet, who tries to shoot down the Wraith dart with a bazooka?
  3. What is Lieutenant Cadman's first name?
  4. What season do we meet Ronon Dex?
  5. What is the name of the episode where Rodney and Carson kiss?
  6. Who does Rodney McKay, call "Dr.Fumbles McStupid?"
  7. Who kidnaps Rodney's sister?
  8. When the expedition team first enter Atlantis, what does Colonel Jack O'Neill send Dr Weir through the gate?
  9. Which galaxy is Atlantis in?
  10. Who has the Ancient gene in them?
  11. In " The Long Goodbye", who takes over Shepperd's body?
  12. In " Grace under Pressure" who does Rodney hallucinate?
  13. In "Critical Mass", what is the name of the alien that takes over Colonel Caldwell's body?
  14. In the season 2 finale "Allies", which 2 people are captured by the Wraith?
  15. What is the name of Jeannie's daughter?
  16. In the episode "The Long Goodbye" how many marines does Weir/Phebus take out at once?
  17. In "Inferno", what does Shepperd call the new ship?
  18. Who plays the girl wraith Ellia?
  19. How many crossovers with SG-1 in seasons 1&2 were there?
  20. In what episode do John and Elizabeth hug?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Stargate Atlantis?