How much do you know about St Nics?

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Its always important to know where you came from, so that you know who you are. That's why we need to know the history of our young school. We may only be 21, but we have achieved so much in these years.

How much do you know about your school? How much can you find out? Can you prove to yourself and your friends that you are truly proud of what your school has achieved. This quiz will show you!

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  1. What year did St Nicholas start?
  2. Who was the first Principal?
  3. Which South African president received a St Nicholas School Cap?
  4. Who was the first Chairman of the School Council?
  5. Which school's buildings did St Nicholas buy?
  6. How much did the Anglican Church buy the school buildings for?
  7. In which year did St Nicholas have the first Grade 7s?
  8. In which year did St Nicholas have the first Grade 12s?
  9. Who donated the money for the first computers?
  10. Who is the Headmasters Lawn named after?
  11. Which School Building was officially opened in 2000?
  12. Which School building was offcially opened in 2011?
  13. In which year was the Hostel started?
  14. How long has Mrs Gane been at St Nicholas?
  15. Who was the first DUX of the High School?
  16. Which environmental flag does St Nicholas fly?
  17. Which National Championships has St Nicholas won?
  18. Which Primary School Choir was directed by Mrs de Jager?
  19. In which English town does St Nicholas have a link school?
  20. Which teacher wrote the School Song with her class?
  21. Which birthday is St Nicholas celebrating this year?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about St Nics?