Is he the right guy? (For kids in school)

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Hi there! Im 9 years old and i made this quiz from my experience! I have a soulmate now but i dont talk about it in public! I am very good friends with this guy and we flirt alot during class.

Will you have the same experience? I am only young but there is no quiz on love for elementary people. I made this for people in school. This is based on the my experiences. Hopefully you get them too!

Created by: MagicalAnimeJen

  1. Do you guys talk to each other even if the teacher is?
  2. Do you ever flirt?
  3. Does he help you when your sad?
  4. Does he like your looks or personality?
  5. Are you smart?
  6. Do you play with him?
  7. Does he look at you?
  8. Does he ever give you anything or invite you to parties?
  9. Does he take your stuff to play Keep Away?
  10. Last question: Does he like you?
  11. Did you enjoy?

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