Will you survive middle school (2016)

There is many people who are scared to go to middle school, so I'm here to help. Here is my advice, STOP WATCHING MOVIES AND GET OFF YOUR PHONE. Middle school isn't that bad.

If you are one of those kids who dont get off their phones, good luck your not going to make it. You will fail your classes and loose your friends. If you are worried take this short quiz, this quiz is based on my experience.

Created by: Faiz
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  1. Its your first day at your middle school. Luckily you did the school activities over the summer so you're all caught up. First period is science. Your teacher starts telling you about her. Then you notice your enemy from your old school is staring at you. What do you do?
  2. Second period is Math. You have a "bad ass" teacher who likes to cuss, but she has a really mean bad side. She asks your classmates about their life and she comes to you. You?
  3. Next is third period your first elective, You decided to take extra writing classes. You have a old teacher, who sounds strict and talks forever. You notice a person from your old school who you didn't really talk to. He waves at you. You?
  4. Next is history. You think you have a great teacher, who likes talking about her family, but then she tells the class to do something, but they get confused and turns really strict. You?
  5. Your fifth period is gym. Fifth period is the longest period because it when everyone goes to lunch. Sadly you have D lunch (the last one). You enter the gym and there is a TON of students. You see your teacher and she tells you to sit on the bleachers. You hear someone calling your name and look back and see your best friend from your old school. He tells you to come sit with him. You?
  6. Ahh. Lunch. The best part of the day, because there is no recess :(. You see a ton of people from your old school, but sadly none of your old friends. Some of the new friends you made wave at you tell you to sit with them, but they are sitting near your enemies. Your old friend from gym goes for it. You?
  7. English, Sixth period. You are the first one to arrive. Your teacher guesses your name and gets is right! Your teacher looks nice and cool. He gives you paper and tells you to make a name tag. Right before the bell rings, your old friend from your old school walks in, but you remembered that you to had a fight last year. You?
  8. Last period seventh, your last elective is drama. You have an amazing teacher who is very energetic,amazing,nice,and caring. To be safe you shouldn't get on her bad side. She tells you to take out a piece of paper and taking notes. While taking notes, you hear some eight graders making fun of you. You?
  9. The bell rings for dismissal, but your drama teacher wants you to stack chairs. You?
  10. Your locker is close to your drama class, but there is a stampede in the hallway. You?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive middle school (2016)