How Much Do You Know About Spongebob?

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There are only a few out there that can master this quiz. Can you? Take the ultimate Spongebb Squarepants quiz. You may be the one who can get the highest score on here!

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  1. What color are his shoes?
  2. How many stipes are on his socks, and what color?
  3. Does Gary wear a collar?
  4. I will finish with true or false.
  5. T or F: Patrick as 2 nostrils
  6. T or F: Spongebob has 7 holes on one side
  7. T or F: Gary is a slug
  8. T or F: Squidward was so generous that one time he actually said the words "I love you Bikini Bottom!"
  9. T or F: Spongebob can surf
  10. How would you rate this quiz, in words?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Spongebob?