How much do you know about Sonic?

Do you think you know Sonic? Well the try to answer these pretty easy questions about the blue blur. If you're a true Sonic fan you can do it! So come on!

Sonic is SEGA's mascot and my number 1 favorite video game franchise of all time. Sonic started in 1991 and has since then won many gamers' attention.

Created by: Mabel

  1. What is Sonic's home planet?
  2. What are the first 3 Sonic games?
  3. Which of these is a Shadow quote?
  4. How many girls has Sonic dated?
  5. "Live and Learn, hanging on--
  6. How many Sonic shows are there?
  7. What are the names of the characters who only appeared in Sonic the Fighters?
  8. What Sonic game doesn't have two Sonics to play as?
  9. What's Tails' full name?
  10. What's Knuckles' favorite food?
  11. Why is Eggman really named Eggman?
  12. Which of these "dislikes" Sonic?
  13. What is Sanic.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Sonic?