How much do you know about SMW hacking?

There are not so many people who are actually experts in SMW hacking, I'm not one of them. Carol IS one of them, and there are more SMW hacking experts.

How much do YOU know about SMW hacking? I just want to let you know beforehand, that this is not 100% accurate, but it's always fun to take a quiz, right?

Created by: Pureblade

  1. What program do you mainly use to make your own SMW levels?
  2. What program do you use to add custom sprites to your SMW hack, that is made by MiOr?
  3. Which of these programs is the best program to insert custom blocks?
  4. Can you play SMW with only Lunar Magic?
  5. Which of these hacks has bad level design, but good ASM stuff?
  6. One of the two most popular emulators is Snes9x, what's the other one?
  7. Can you edit the OW of SMW?
  8. What programs do you need to apply patches?
  9. What does this mean? LDA #$08 STA $14C8
  10. There is a custom block that acts like frozen lava when the ON/OFF switch is ON.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about SMW hacking?